Erzgebirge Miniature Pyramid Wood Spinning Ornament Tealight Candle Holder


Most beautiful handmade wooden tealight holder with miniature pyramid/ornament. Original Erzgebirge, made in Germany. Never used, just displayed. Hard to find item.

Ornament/miniature pyramide hanging on a christmas tree with star. Star has a tiny chip.

Ornament with stars around, pyramid with christmas tree in the middle and three christmas scenes around. Ornament 6.5" tall,  candleholder 10" tall.

 Heat from the candle turns the pyramid. This is actually a two in one item, because you can take the miniature pyramid from the hook and you have a beautiful christmas ornament which just turns on a slight breeze. Not just for the christmas tree, also decorative on a wall hanger or hanging on a lamp and you still have a beautiful tealight holder separate. 

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